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Grafton Equine Bereavement Services

Hand Made Wooden CasketWhat Happens Next?

There are 3 options available to suit your individual needs:

Prices are inclusive of VAT


Individual Cremation - your horse or pony is cremated alone and all the ashes are returned to you in a wooden casket.



Individual Cremation - your horse or pony is cremated alone, ashes are available to scatter and are returned in a wicker basket.



Economic Disposal - horses or ponies are put to rest by lethal injection or humane pistol, collected and taken away. No ashes are returned. This is an inexpensive option for owners who do not attach any significance to the body after death.


Hand made wooden casketAll ashes are returned in a hand made wooden casket with a name plaque and polished shoe, or if you wish to scatter the ashes they are returned in a standard box.

Procedure of loading is quick and efficient and is done with the greatest possible respect. Once loaded your horse or pony will not be visible during the transportation as our vehicles are fully contained.

Post-Mortem Examinations

Our premises are equipped for post mortem examinations if required.



Grafton Equine Bereavement Services - Little Close, Leicester Lane, Moreton Pinkney, Daventry, Northants. NN11 3QD
Tel: 07710 694338 - Email: mick.wills@equinebereavementservices.co.uk